The Oregon Defense Attorney Journal ePub


Go Download a zip file containing a test of the June/July 2012 ePub issue.

• We suggest you download the zip to a laptop or desktop machine.
• After expanding the zip, open the ePub file in an eReader of your choice, or transfer the epub file to your mobile device.

Transferring the ePub to a Mobile Device
Here is one way to transfer the ePub file to a mobile device. We used an iPhone:

1. Put the .ePub file into DropBox. (If you don’t have a free DropBox account, get one now. Make sure you also have the DropBox App on your mobile device.)

2.  On the mobile device, open the .ePub file from within DropBox. If DropBox is unable to open the file automatically (likely), click on the little partial rectangle with an arrow sticking out of it and you will be presented with the eReaders available on your mobile device. Selecte the eReader you want to use to open the ePub file. We chose iBooks because we use iPhones. (You may have other eReaders installed on your device. If you don’t, you might consider BlueFire, available for both iOS and Android devices).

3. After you select the eReader you want to use, the ePub file should open, and you can begin reading the Oregon Defense Attorney.

If you Experience a Problem

Email with a description of the problem, and answer these questions:
• Did you get an error message? What did it say?
• On what device were your working?
• What browser or operating device were you using?