OCDLA Board of Directors

2017 Election Candidates

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Gina Stewart, Roseburg

District 3 — Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine counties.

I feel lucky to be a member of OCDLA, and I am deeply appreciative of the support and education that it provides to defense and juvenile practitioners. I am committed to the organization and seek the opportunity to serve another term on the board. The longer I practice, the more appreciative I am of how quickly and effectively one can access information through the publications, the Library of Defense, the Pond and networking of the defense bar. If I cannot quickly locate an answer to a question or an expert, I can always locate a solid starting point for my research. As we move forward with the transition to a new director and having greater information available online, I hope as a board member to ensure that ease of access is preserved and expanded as we grow and mature as an organization. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the members for the next two years.



No candidate has declared.

District 5 — Multnomah County



Olcott Thompson, Salem

District 6 — Clackamas, Linn, Marion

Two years ago I was fortunate to be elected to the OCDLA Board. It has been wonderful, and I would like to continue the experience for another two years. The Board has worked through an organizational change with the hiring of a new executive director. I see the Board’s job, and, hence, my job if reelected, to keep OCDLA relevant to the practice of criminal and juvenile law. We need to make sure the organization is on strong financial footing and its financial health is sustainable. This will require continuing to make sure that what the organization offers supports its mission and what we do. We need to expand our juvenile law support, help folks retire from the profession, and ensure they utilize their skills and knowledge for the good of the next generations of criminal and juvenile lawyers.

Please reelect me so I can help keep OCDLA one of the premier state criminal defense organizations.