Julie H. McFarlane Lifetime Achievement Award

2017 Recipient Angela Sherbo


Award Presentation to Angela Sherbo
Friday, April 21 • 5:00 p.m. • Hallmark Resort, Newport
The award presentation will be followed by a casual reception.




Angela Sherbo has dedicated 30 years to improving the lives of Oregon’s most vulnerable children and youth. Through her zealous advocacy representing parents, children, and youth in juvenile dependency and delinquency cases and her tireless efforts to improve the juvenile court system in Oregon through litigation, legislation and collaboration, Angela has been instrumental in shaping the current status of juvenile law in Oregon. Here are just a few of examples:

• Argued on behalf of the mother in a seminal Oregon Supreme Court case: State ex rel Juv. Dept. v. Geist, 310 Or 176, 796 P2d 1193 (1990), in which the Court concluded that a constitutional or statutory right to counsel includes a right to adequate counsel and that a claim of appointed trial counsel's inadequacy may be reviewed on direct appeal.

• Represented a class of youth in Robyn A. v. MCoy, a 1990 federal lawsuit which alleged unconstitutional conditions at The Donald E. Long juvenile detention facility in Multnomah County. The resulting consent decree required the county to build a new juvenile detention facility and to upgrade conditions and practices in the existing facility. 

• Negotiated a 1995 legal settlement agreement with the Oregon Department of Human Services. This “System of Care Agreement” established flexible funding to better meet the needs of children and families and led to improved training, increased qualifications for case workers and other improvements in Oregon's foster care system.

• Consulted with OPDS on the establishment of the Juvenile Appellate Section and provided the initial mentoring support and substantive juvenile law expertise to the attorneys within the section. 

• Represented Sang Dao in his successful application for clemency which resulted in commutation of Mr. Dao’s lengthy Measure 11 sentence. According to the Statesman Journal, the clemency appeared to be Governor Kitzhaber's last act as governor before his resignation. As a result, Sang Dao's sentence was reduced by over 3.5 years and Sang Dao is now working for the Multnomah County Juvenile Department. 

• Served as the appellate attorney in State v. J.C.N.-V., 359 Or 559 (2016), in which the Oregon Supreme Court remanded the juvenile court’s determination to waive a 13-year-old child to adult court for prosecution of a murder charge. The Court concluded that youth may not be waived unless they have an adult-like understanding of the significance of their conduct.

• Regularly (probably daily) provides advice and assistance to trial and appellate attorneys across the state. Angela is never too busy to consult on a case or give advice.

— Amy Miller, Office of Public Defense Services