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2018 DUII Defense

March 16–17, Eugene Hilton

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) cases are tough. Come join us at Taking the High Road: Impaired Driving and DUII Defense to stay current and get ahead. PLUS, a Trial Skills Workshop for newer lawyers. Get bedrock training you’ll use for years to come. DUII Defense includes an ethics credit, veteran DUII lawyers John Henry Hingson, Hugh Duvall, and John Lamborn, plus specific insights covering diversion, collateral consequences, voir dire, investigation/discovery, and appellate law. Read more. arrow Registration & more info.



Still at War

A guide for defenders, prosecutors & judges dealing with Oregon’s veteran defendant crisis

New! Still at War is a cutting-edge publication. Edited by Jesse Wm. Barton, and featuring the collaborative efforts of skilled defense attorneys and experts in veterans defense, as well as contributions from an experienced investigator, prosecutor, and Veteran’s Treatment Court judge, the information in this book will not only save you many hours of chasing down foxholes in search of authoritative answers, it will make you a better lawyer. arrow Read more.



The 2017 Legislative Analysis of Criminal and Juvenile Laws contains summaries and complete enrolled versions of new criminal and juvenile legislation. Edited by OCDLA Legislative Representative Mary A. Sofia. Mary has summarized over 100 bills from the session, including OCDLA’s bill for grand jury reform (SB 505), the omnibus profiling & PCS misdemeanors bill (HB 2355), the Safety and Savings Act covering family sentencing, transition leave, and more (HB 3078), the juvenile anti-shackling bill (SB 846), the juvenile interrogation recordation bill (HB 3242), and much, much more. Download here.



Repeat Property Offender Guide — 2017

13 months? 18? 24? Brian Walker & Brook Reinhard demystify the question! OCDLA’s handy 2017 REPO Guide will help you understand what your client may be facing. The guide has been updated to reflect sentening law changes enacted during the 2017 legislative session as a result of HB 3078. Read more.



FREE Retirement Planning Webinar Recordings

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Ready or Not Retirement Webinar (for those who may retire in the next ten years or are already retired)
Back to the Future Retirement Healthcare Webinar

The webinars are presented by Stephen Mallery, Mallery Financial, Eugene.

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Felony Sentencing in Oregon

Succeed at Sentencing—Includes January 2018 Update

Some sentencing issues are so complex you would have to spend hours researching what you can find easily in this invaluable resource. The 2012 edition helps you arrive at the correct interpretation and craft a winning argument. You’ll reach for it every time:
• your client is pleading to more than one felony count in a single indictment
• the state files a notice of aggravating factors
• you are going to “open sentencing” on felony charges.

And those are just a few examples. For comprehensive coverage of sentencing issues, guidelines and related case law, plus practice pointers and detailed
challenges that can be raised on constitutional and other grounds, don’t look any further. arrow Order here.


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